THE RULES (Updated 2009.04.01)

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THE RULES (Updated 2009.04.01)

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:57 pm


This is a list of all the rules of the forum, designed to provide a fun, refreshing experience. If you disobey any one of them, a staff member will deal out punishment as they see necessary, so let's all keep these d(**)b

01) You should have fun.

02) You may not advertise in the discussions, the chatbox, or through PMs...a seperate thread will be made to accomodate advertisements.

03) You must stay on topic if you are in an In-Character RP thread...if you say something Out of Character use [brackets].

04) You must respect other members...this means not to discriminate against others, say offensive things, or pick on them for no reason.

05) You may not god-mod, or make yourself invincible. Even Gintoki gets cut to ribbons, and even the MADAO manages to land a hit some time or the other.

06) You may not make sexist, racist, or generally offensive comments...anyone who does this and gets caught will be punished.

07) You may only have up to two characters, and each character must have a different account. You should inform a Mod/Admin before you make the second.

08) You may only be in up to two RP threads at one time...this is to make sure that the flow of the RP doesn't get distrupted.


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