CHARACTER APPLICATION (Updated 2009.04.01)

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CHARACTER APPLICATION (Updated 2009.04.01)

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This is the Character Application format...use this to create your character. Remember that the character must be APPROVED by a Mod/Admin before it is ready to be RPed with. Cannon characters are allowed.

It's rude to get someone's name wrong...

NAME First name first, please. (e.g. Sakata Gintoki -> Gintoki Sakata)
AGE This is obvious...but let's be realistic here.
RACE Human or Amanto? (Amanto = Alien)
ALLIANCE Write either Shinsengumi/Bakufu or Joi Faction...or if you're neither write Other.

...someone with a good first impression can't be a good person...

APPEARANCE A picture is optional...but this should be about three lines long, and include hair color, eye color, skin tone, body structure (Muscular? Slim? Obese?) and a lot of other things you feel like adding.
PERSONALITY Please include quirks, personal weaknesses/strengths, phobias, etc...anything to discern yourself from a normal person. Creativity is recommended.

...if you think about it, life gets longer when you turn old! Scary!!

HISTORY This needs at least 100 words if you want it to be even looked at...the quality of this decides if a high-ranked or powerful character is accepted.
RP SAMPLE It doesn't have a limit...but you do need this if you're applying for a high-ranked or powerful character. NO copying & pasting...third-person, please.

[center][b]It's rude to get someone's name wrong...[/center][/b]

[center][b]...someone with a good first impression can't be a good person...[/b][/center]

[center][b]...if you think about it, life gets longer when you turn old! Scary!![/b][/center]
[u]RP SAMPLE[/u]


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